Sunday, March 08, 2009

At Peace with the Binding

Photos by: Jessica Chapman

I'm finishing up the birds and blooms quilt this morning. This one is for my shop.

I commented to my friend Kacy awhile back that I hate, hate, HATE handsitching the binding. It's the last thing that you do before the quilt is finished. Before you can wash it to gain that crinkle, vintage look. It is something that seemingly takes SO LONG... at the point where you just want the quilt to be DONE.

But, really, I've made peace with the binding. I have ENJOYED stitching the binding on this one. It's like I'm sealing it up with love. It gives me time to sit with the quilt, the body of it draped over my lap, and stitch, and admire my hard work in piecing, in choosing a background, in the detail of the backing, and, sitting with these beautiful fabrics really isn't bad at all.

So, even though I'm a go-go-go type of person, I have learned the beauty of just sitting for a bit and taking it all in. This quilt will be done soon, and I'm super excited.

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