Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend Update

Photos by: Littlecottonrabbits

Isn't ellie-rose just adoreable? Littlecottonrabbits has such cute stuff!

Okay, Ella and I had a good weekend. Joe and Camden went out of town to visit Grannie Annie and help her with some house stuff, so Ella and I used the opportunity to have some friends over and have a girls weekend. Joe and Camden left at 11am on Saturday, and Ella and I cleaned from 11am until 6pm. I organized and dusted and cleared out old products from my bathroom that had expired, etc.... When I start cleaning, I get very detail oriented and have to make sure every last detail is perfect. It's the OCD in me.

Stephanie and PJ arrived at 6pm, we had dinner and had fun with the kids!

Once Ella and PJ were in bed, Sheena came over too. We sat around, drank good wine, and talked about our lives, our kids, and anything else you could imagine.

Then we woke up on Sunday and I helped Stephanie finish her first quilt. We decided not to go to church today because Ella didn't sleep well last night and I actually slept in until 10am! WOW! Stephanie left around 2pm, and then Ella and I reorganized her entire room.

Seriously, this girl has some CLOTHES. And maybe it's because she's 7 months and she is still wearing her 3 month clothing!!! She was running out of room and things were getting buried because she didn't have enough drawer space for all of her clothing, bedding, blankies, etc. She also has a lot of accessories and other stuff, so, I picked up a few organizing tools inclidng cute baskets, bins and a drawer set....and we whipped her room into shape. It looks awesome now!!!

I was able to put out her cabbage patch animal babies from Grannie Annie and her new chenille pink bunny from Gee and Granddaddy. I also relocated a few of my favorite things into her room- my french toast girl paintings, and my butterfly stained glass window that Joe's mom got me before Joe and I got married. It's a perfect "garden" window, and we took it down when we did our beach room decor, and I'm happy that it has found a new home in Ella's window.

So, the entire upstairs is clean, organized and beautiful. Whew! That felt awesome! Because, during the week, I don't get to go upstairs much other than to change Ella, and put her in her bed. I'm always down stairs with the boys and don't want them out of my sight, so I just don't venture up there.... and by the end of the day, I'm too tired to do much by way of a huge organizing project. SO, I'm SOO happy that it is done and out of the way! ...and it feels SO GOOD to spend time up there now! A clean, clutter-free, organized home is pure bliss!

My next adventure is my kitchen! Oh, it needs help! BUT, I will be taking and posting photos of the upstairs tomorrow, and I will save the kitchen project for next weekend!

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