Monday, April 27, 2009

My sister, my friend.

Photos by: Jessica Chapman

Dear Leslie,

I can't believe you're graduating on Saturday from mine and dad's alma mater. And you chose the same major as I did, following in my footsteps. It makes me feel so proud to see your love for English Education. And you know from my experience that you'll never be "rich", but you'll be so loved and so rewarded in other ways, that it won't matter!

Do you remember when you were in kindergarten and I was in 5th grade at Central Avenue Elementary? I would walk you to class every day because you needed me to be there. To make sure you made it okay. Because you may have forgotten where your class was on day 2, 15, 78, or 120. You would promise each day that you would do it by yourself, then as we pulled in to school, in your little Minnie mouse voice, you'd ask me to PLEASE take you, and I would. I even had to explain to Mr. Edder that my sister was quiet needy and needed me to walk her to class each day, and excuse ME if I'm late. And he did. What I found even funnier is that you couldn't find YOUR class each morning without my "help", but you could certainly find MINE at the end of the day, because the younger grades were always dismissed first. You would make a bee line for the 5th grade wing and you'd hang out by Mr. Edder's door, waiting on me to emerge.

It was no surprise that when you went to college I would have to show you around campus and walk you to your classes as well. It was with a sense of pride and independence that I "showed you the ropes". And living together for that first year was certainly an experience. You learned all too well the art of turning a light off when you were done in your room. Looking back, I realize now that you were being stubborn because you had left your momma back in Fort Lauderdale, only to come live with your "other momma" here in Tally. And that's NOT what you wanted- you wanted a 'roommate' and 'friend'. But, I, was Just. Too. Motherly. It wasn't until I moved out and left you plateless and without a can opener that you had to start figuring things out on your own. In hindsight, I think it was the best thing for ya, perhaps not the best thing for me though...hahaha!

I love you, Leslie! I am so proud of you and your accomplishments. I'm so proud to share an alma mater (and major!) with you. I'm even more happy that we are not only sisters, but great friends.

Welcome to the "real world". :)

Love ya!


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