Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cam's Allergic Reaction

Photos by: Jessica Chapman

Swollen lips, welts all over face and body- this is what we've seen and dealt with the last few days. We don't know what is causing it. He is on extreme doses of steroids and Benadryl. This has lasted since Thursday night- and he has been to the ER twice because once his eyes swelled almost shut and the other time his lips were swelling and we were concerned about his breathing. So we've had to keep a close eye on him. This, coupled with a lot of other stressors has made for an interesting last few days.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Running out of steam.

ER trip #2 last night- for an allergic reaction even worse than the one before. This time we got to see his eyes swell almost shut. That, paired with some other stress factors have made for a pretty stressful last few days- and I can feel it. So, I'll be busy working on household stuff and errands and organizing and cooking- because that's what I have to do, keep busy, protect and care for my little family.

Luckily we'll be taking a much needed trip this weekend to visit my parents. We haven't been down to visit since Thanksgiving so we are super thrilled. It will be Camden's first baseball game with his Daddy and Granddaddy and Gee. We leave on Thursday. He can't wait!

Friday, May 29, 2009

At this point anything will do.

I'm running on little to no sleep because I spent a few hours in the middle of the night with Camden in the ER. It was just a reaction to something that he ate, but it made him break out and swell and he looked awful. One phone call to his pediatrician to "ask" about it... and she sent us to the ER.

He is doing fine now after a dose of benadryl and he's on steroids two times a day for a week. And he was a trooper. Very well behaved considering he's 3 and it was 1am, 2am, 3am... and we had to do a lot of waiting. We had fruit punch and graham crackers and watched the disney channel in his hospital cubicle room as we waited for the doctor and then the specialist and then the Rx so we could GO!!

And I'm really bummed that I didn't have my pocket camera in my purse so I could share the image with you of him, laying on the hospital bed, shooting imaginary buzz lightyear lasers out of his arm at the doctors as they walked by, while wearing his darth vadar pajamas and sneakers. The nurses all thought he was so cute. Because he is.

And today, a long day with the kids. Grilled cheese for lunch today because at this point, anything will do. I'm looking forward to naptime today because I'm going to nap right along with them.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Eating and Sleeping, Uninterrupted.

Joe and I were out of town this weekend. We needed a little getaway and my sisters were very willing to help out by keeping the kids overnight for us.

It was AMAZING. I forgot what it was like to go to a restaurant and eat without having to stop five dozen times during the course of the meal to change a diaper or pick something up off the floor or pour some more juice or put someone in time out. Really. We had FIVE uninterrupted meals. FIVE.
And we had HOURS and HOURS of uninterrupted SLEEP. We went to our hotel and took a nap, then got up and went out for a nice dinner, then came back, laid in bed watching great tv and movies, and went to sleep. It sounds like a very boring trip, but it was EXACTLY what we wanted to do: that in which we do not get to do (all the parents in the room say "AMEN!")

But, I do have to admit, as we were pulling out of the driveway, the kids were waving in the window, and I shed a tear (or two)- OKAY, I BOOHOOED- because it was the first time I have left my Ella overnight. Joe totally and completely made fun of me. And then he said he felt like he was about to cry too... and he said but his tears would be TEARS OF JOY! WOOHOO! NO KIDS FOR 36 hours!!! I just kinda laughed and tried to dry it up real quick.... And I also have to admit, that although I slept great, I did wake up and look at the clock at six am this morning, and just a small part of me missed Ella standing in her bed saying MAMAMAMAMA, ready for her 6am feeding. But then I smiled, thinking, Hmm... I don't have to get up.... which was nice.

But really I totally had an awesome time. But I TOTALLY was ready to see my babies when we got home. I missed them. SO much.

We had great food, great conversation and laughed our heads off. Because we always end up laughing at the same silly stuff. Stuff that really isn't funny to other people, but it's funny to us.

It was our four year anniversary on the 22nd. Four years and we are getting along better now than we ever have. In fact, I bought Joe the Fireproof Love Dare book for our anniversary. And he laughed when I gave it to him. Because he had already bought it himself on the way to work the day after we saw the Fireproof movie, and was doing it on me for days without me even knowing! I knew things were peachy but I was not sure why! LOL! SO- I have the other copy and now I am doing it too... I encourage you to get it- no matter where you are at in your marriage- even if things are peachy they can always be better! For us, it has made us make sure that we make time for us, because everyone knows that you can get lost in the roles of "Mommy and Daddy" and it can take over. We are more considerate of each other- we are closer. It has just been amazing.

About as amazing as uninterrupted eating and sleeping. :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Clever Nesting Post: Hanging By A Thread

My second post in this series is up at Clever Nesting. Head on over there to read it.

I will be back blogging here soon. Promise.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Clever Nesting Post: Mother and Daughter, Needle and Thread

Mosey on over to Clever Nesting to read my first post in my guest post series on sewing. It's titled Mother and Daughter, Needle and Thread.

Guest Blogger for Clever Nesting

I will be guest blogging over at Clever Nesting this week. I will link back to my posts from there so certainly just check back here to be notified when a new one is up.

Monday, May 18, 2009

My Bachelorette Recap: Or, I have nothing else to write about, So, I have begun taking notes and reporting on The Bachelorette.

A quick run to the grocery for baby formula and Diet Coke - and a quick run because The Bachelorette was coming on at nine and I needed to get back to see it live. I dashed upstairs, threw on my PJs and settled down with my notebook and pen. "Whatcha writing?" Joe asked as the intro started. "Notes," I said.

Yes. Notes on the show. Because it's important and I'm gonna blog about it. I got an eye roll and a chuckle and an approving nod. As I've said before, he's very supportive of my creative endeavors. Both big and small.

My first impression (which I quickly twittered during a commerical break) was, bleh. No one really stood out for me as "amazing". But we all know that I already got him. Right, Mom?

My show notes became a list of men and occupation which quickly became decorated with stars next to the good ones and x's next to the bad ones. Or small notes like "nerd" "dork" "fake". What's the difference between nerd and dork? I don't know. Did you know that I used to be a middle school teacher? That may help you understand me a little better.

The highlights came mid show as each man was trying to have their personal time with Ms. Beautiful. Joe and I both cracked up as Jesse The Wine Maker chatted with Ms. Thang and another guy made a mockery of him "I am Jesse, I got da vinyaad." That cracked us UP! So much so that as Joe was staring into the pantry to find his snack he kept repeating it, as I giggled from my note-taking chair.

And so the show dragged on to the end... the much awaited rose ceremony.

And I predicted it... She picked Jake. And Jesse. And Wes.

And Stephen the lawyer was shaking his head in mockery as Wes was chosen. Which turned my attention to Stephen's reactions for the rest of the rose ceremony.

And of course she then chose the breakdancer guy? WHAT? What happened to looking for the well-rounded man? Oh, I keep forgetting that she's not my sister- she's not hearing my advice as I am thinking it. Sucks for her.

Thank goodness she chose Simon, I bet it was that lovely tea his mamma sent. And Stephen the lawyer continued to make nasty faces.

And she chose cool hair Mike... And beaky Brian...And Sasha, alas, someone else that I chose for her... Julian, though? Come on Jillian and Julian just sounds funny.

John P was a cutie and had a good job. I would have traded him for the breakdancer guy. I didn't like seeing him go.

And because Stephen the nerdy Lawyer drew so much attention to himself with his reactions, I of course was just tickled by his ending comments, er, excuses. "Maybe she's a little more country and I'm a little more city"... yeah, Newsflash Walter Cronkite... you arent!.... er, maybe she likes cool and you're just a little too nerdy. And your faces were so awful during the entire rose ceremony even if you were TO get a rose, I would have changed my mind and chosen ANYONE but you.

So, out of all of them I like Jesse The Wine Maker. And Sasha the Oil/Gas Consultant. And Jake The Pilot. Because as I said before if she's planning to marry, she's gotta look at the whole package deal.

And what were those previews about some of those men having girlfriends? We'll have to see next week. But once I find out who those guys are they will be blacklisted too. And I'm hoping that girl is smart enough to do it. (At this point I'm thinking maybe she SHOULD have chosen Stephen (the disgruntled) Lawyer. We all know he doesn't already have a girlfriend.)

I just like seeing those grown men cry. Because it helps me understand what my husband's life must be like.

Here's to next week! Oh, the drama...

29 Gifts in 29 Days- A Loopy Giveaway!

~This Giveaway is Over. After using to randomly generate a number, we have a winner. That would be Jeff. Thanks for playing everyone!~ True Random Number Generator Min:1 Max:23 Result: 1

--edited May 19th, 3pm.--

It's no secret that I am a fan of the baby sling. I have a hotsling and a maya wrap and the oldie-but-goodie "over the shoulder baby holder"- which to be honest is the most comfortable of the bunch. ....................And then I discovered loopdiloops, a shop owned by Dani- who makes custom baby slings that are durable, comfortable, affordable, and PRETTY. I immediately fell in love and now I have one of my own. Because pretty earns extra points for me.

And now it's your chance to have one too. Read on.

My fondness for the baby sling goes way beyond the cuteness factor. It really is a lot easier to wear your baby around. More things get done and your baby is kept close to you. Hotslings has a current ad running that says "a free pair of hands included with every hotslings purchase"... and they are not kidding. It's amazing how awesome it is to know that your child is with you, comforted, and then you are free to do other things.

In my case, the sling- or, well, the proverbial "extra pair of hands" has come in handy on many occasions. Blessed with a "spirited" 3 year old, we have been on many adventures where- without the sling for the baby- it could have been disastrous taking the two of them out in public. I have saved Camden from falling into a gorilla cage at the zoo, from running in front of a car at Target, from climbing the fence into the neighbors yard to pet the "big puppy" (YIKES!) all while wearing Ella securely in a sling. I have kept my house in order and done many a loads of laundry and dishes, all while soothing my baby by carrying her around with me in the sling.

There are also many other benefits to baby wearing- it's actually really good for the baby (and you!)- its great for bonding with the baby and it's the ultimate example of attachment parenting if that's what you're into. Babies cry less. Mothers cry less. So, really, we all win.

So-- in my effort to spread the love a'la 29 gifts in 29 days via , I have paired up with Dani at loopdiloops to provide you with this giveaway. The winner will get a custom loopdiloops sling made with designer fabrics.

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment in the comment section and voila! you are entered. It is that simple.

And I do encourage you to visit to learn more about this global giving movement. And if you plan to join in, I'd like to hear about it.

I also encourage you to visit Dani's etsy shop to see more of her lovely baby slings! They are truly works of art. Thanks to Dani for sponsoring this give away!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

In The Mail

Ella and I got a new one of these in the mail today. ... A new one for my growing girl! Thanks to Dani for making it for us and for sending it so quickly. We are excited to try it out and do a full product review! This will certainly make things easier for us when playing with the boys or working outside (and this one is not as hot as our other one!) We will get to try it out tomorrow because she and I will be going to the doctor for her check up. She has still been a little under the weather so we are hoping to find out why tomorrow.


Photos by: Jessica Chapman

A few blogs that I read do weekly photos within just a few minutes of waking up. Here is my version. My darling boy and I, having a quiet cup of coffee. Together.

(Okay- Before the child-feeding police come to get me I must confess that he really has a different "version" of coffee. He isn't drinking pure regular coffee- but a little kid-friendly concoction that a sweet Starbucks Barista taught me.)

But still. It's his "coffee".

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mushroom city and a promise

Photos by: Jessica Chapman

My little mushrooms on my garden quilt wallhanging. I'm thrilled about this new technique. And my poor son is begging me to get started on his three little pigs quilt. And so, I have promised him, and myself that once I finish this one, his quilt will be next.

And now, we are off to meet friends at the park for lunch. Fun stuff.

Wordless Wednesday

Photos by: Jessica Chapman

Monday, May 11, 2009

Orange Creamsicle Quilt

Photos by: Jessica Chapman

The Orange Creamsicle Quilt is done and on it's way to Dani in Canada. I was able to finish this in spite of everyone being sick in my house - including myself. I worked on it into the wee hours of the morning a few nights in a row and voila! It was done! I'm amazed at how the loopy crazy quilting was just so much easier than the normal perfect stitch in the ditch that I normally do. I'm very pleased with this one.

And the bottom photo is a little invention of mine- I call it a "Linus Loop". A little loop for dragging the quilt around the house. Because cuddily quilts like this are meant to be dragged around. :)

Side note: If you have been following my blog closely, this originally was going to be a baby quilt for one of Joe's friends who did us a huge favor. However, I was worried about the orange, and then, I had an order from Dani who requested a baby quilt in orange and whites- and thus, the Orange Creamsicle idea came to fruition and had a new home- and I ended up making a pink and red sock monkey quilt top for Joe's friend. That's in the queue to get quilted. Once I FIND the time. If you find any time, send it my way, ok!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Photos by: Jessica Chapman

He is just not cooperating lately with photos, so this was the BEST we could do. AHHH!

Joe and I are laid up with the sickness that has plagued our home for the last week. Of course. On mother's day. But oh, well, we will celebrate another day. Mine started earlier than Joe's so I'm with the kiddos while he's still recovering. He watched them last night while I was at my worst phase. Hopefully we'll all be better soon. This certainly has NOT been fun. I'm exhausted from cleaning up after sick kids and exhausted from being sick myself. I'm puttering around though- getting things reorganized and put back together- and of course doing laundry- because that's the never ending task when people are sick.

Here's to a better tomorrow!!! :)

Block for SunnyNole

Photos by: Rocklilly

And this is the block that rocklilly made- SO cool, huh! :)

Oh I just can't wait to get these and get this quilt put together! SO FUN!

block for SunnyNole :: sc3-may

Photos by: Ashley

This is the block that Ashley made for my bird quilt. Amazing, isn't it? She designed that herself!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Color and Dot

Photos by: Jessica Chapman

These are laid out and ready for me to get started on a custom order art quilt for a little girl's bedroom. I'm excited to get started on it in my "free" time which will be this weekend, late nights! I LOVE the colors and the polka dots have my heart.

I also have two other quilts in my queue that are waiting to be quilted. They have been halted because of the sickness that invaded my home recently- but, I will get to them soon! I'm going to be pulling "cram sessions" at night after the kids go to bed in order to make some progress on these.

Today we are cleaning house and working outside in the gardens together as a family. Ella has discovered the grass and just loves sitting in it and watching us.

I also just recently listened to an interview on tranquiltiy du jour with Kelly Rae, an awesome mixed media artist and I'm just thrilled with her work, and what an awesome website! Naturally, all my free time is devoted to sewing right now but it's fun to look at.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Because my life really is like one big box of chocolates.

I have been writing this over and over in my head today - because these are the days truly worth writing about. And of course, once everyone is content and asleep and the laundry is done (oh, the laundry when kids are sick!) - I get time to sit down and write, and I can't for the life of me remember any of what I had planned to say.

The bad news is- Camden and Ella are both sick with some nasty stomach flu. And Wal-Mart was out of hand sanitizer because apparently everyone in Tallahassee is afraid of the swine flu- and I know what you're thinking and no my kids don't have the swine flu.

The good news is- While Wal-Mart was out of hand sanitizer, they had Jello Pudding Pops.

Joe and I thought the Jello Pudding Pops were non-existent since the invention of the fat free fudge pop. (Even though they don't even come close to comparing!) But, Alas! As I was scanning the popscicle section for the lowest sugar slowest melting popsicle that they had for my son's aching tummy, my eyes about popped out of my head when I saw the Jello Pudding Pops. And you know I was excited about them because I went wild and bought TWO boxes. And when I got home and told my husband what I had in the bag, you would have thought I bagged up Angelina Jolie and brought her home.

So in between cleaning up puke and doing laundry, we sat on the couch together eating pudding pops. And while I had him focused and quiet, I made sure to let him know that he can have ALL the vanilla ones. Because the chocolate ones were mine.

And not only did I stumble upon the pudding pops today, but I actually watched my husband do not two, not three, not four, but FIVE loads of laundry. Yes, five, because both children in our house were puking on everything that we own. And everything that we own that is not able to be thrown in the washer (say, the carpet, the couch)- had a towel over it, which in turn, had to be changed and washed each time a child so much as drooled on it, because that's how we roll over here- we take great measure not to reinfect.

On a more serious note, I'm hoping and praying for a good night. Joe is downstairs with Camden, and I'm about to retreat upstairs with Ella. Ella needs to keep her fluids down and do well tonight. We have a recheck at 8.30am in the morning.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Pool Days

Photos by: Jessica Chapman

We've been spending lots of days at the pool- because it's nice, it's cool, everyone is well behaved and it lets a lot of energy out! ;)

Monday, May 04, 2009

The block that Dallas made!

Photos by: Dallas (for the journey)

Dallas made birdhouses for my bird quilt! Isn't this fab! I'm thrilled with this one. Way to go, Dallas! :)

The OTHER block that Sarah made!

Photos by: Sarah Akester

She found this bird in her own stash and made another block for me! So nice!

The block that Sarah made

Photos by: Sarah Akester

Love it :) SO much!

The block that Amy made

Photos by: Amy H

And this is the bird block that Amy made. LOVE those appliques! :)

The block that Jennifer made

Photos by: Jennifer Johnson

for my bird quilt- LOVE those japanese birds in the middle :)

The block that Cathy made

Photos by: Cathy McKillip

And this is the block that Cathy made for my bird quilt!

The blocks that John made

Photos by: John Adams

And these are the blocks that John made for my bird quilt. :)