Saturday, May 09, 2009

Color and Dot

Photos by: Jessica Chapman

These are laid out and ready for me to get started on a custom order art quilt for a little girl's bedroom. I'm excited to get started on it in my "free" time which will be this weekend, late nights! I LOVE the colors and the polka dots have my heart.

I also have two other quilts in my queue that are waiting to be quilted. They have been halted because of the sickness that invaded my home recently- but, I will get to them soon! I'm going to be pulling "cram sessions" at night after the kids go to bed in order to make some progress on these.

Today we are cleaning house and working outside in the gardens together as a family. Ella has discovered the grass and just loves sitting in it and watching us.

I also just recently listened to an interview on tranquiltiy du jour with Kelly Rae, an awesome mixed media artist and I'm just thrilled with her work, and what an awesome website! Naturally, all my free time is devoted to sewing right now but it's fun to look at.

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