Sunday, May 24, 2009

Eating and Sleeping, Uninterrupted.

Joe and I were out of town this weekend. We needed a little getaway and my sisters were very willing to help out by keeping the kids overnight for us.

It was AMAZING. I forgot what it was like to go to a restaurant and eat without having to stop five dozen times during the course of the meal to change a diaper or pick something up off the floor or pour some more juice or put someone in time out. Really. We had FIVE uninterrupted meals. FIVE.
And we had HOURS and HOURS of uninterrupted SLEEP. We went to our hotel and took a nap, then got up and went out for a nice dinner, then came back, laid in bed watching great tv and movies, and went to sleep. It sounds like a very boring trip, but it was EXACTLY what we wanted to do: that in which we do not get to do (all the parents in the room say "AMEN!")

But, I do have to admit, as we were pulling out of the driveway, the kids were waving in the window, and I shed a tear (or two)- OKAY, I BOOHOOED- because it was the first time I have left my Ella overnight. Joe totally and completely made fun of me. And then he said he felt like he was about to cry too... and he said but his tears would be TEARS OF JOY! WOOHOO! NO KIDS FOR 36 hours!!! I just kinda laughed and tried to dry it up real quick.... And I also have to admit, that although I slept great, I did wake up and look at the clock at six am this morning, and just a small part of me missed Ella standing in her bed saying MAMAMAMAMA, ready for her 6am feeding. But then I smiled, thinking, Hmm... I don't have to get up.... which was nice.

But really I totally had an awesome time. But I TOTALLY was ready to see my babies when we got home. I missed them. SO much.

We had great food, great conversation and laughed our heads off. Because we always end up laughing at the same silly stuff. Stuff that really isn't funny to other people, but it's funny to us.

It was our four year anniversary on the 22nd. Four years and we are getting along better now than we ever have. In fact, I bought Joe the Fireproof Love Dare book for our anniversary. And he laughed when I gave it to him. Because he had already bought it himself on the way to work the day after we saw the Fireproof movie, and was doing it on me for days without me even knowing! I knew things were peachy but I was not sure why! LOL! SO- I have the other copy and now I am doing it too... I encourage you to get it- no matter where you are at in your marriage- even if things are peachy they can always be better! For us, it has made us make sure that we make time for us, because everyone knows that you can get lost in the roles of "Mommy and Daddy" and it can take over. We are more considerate of each other- we are closer. It has just been amazing.

About as amazing as uninterrupted eating and sleeping. :)

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