Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Photos by: Jessica Chapman

He is just not cooperating lately with photos, so this was the BEST we could do. AHHH!

Joe and I are laid up with the sickness that has plagued our home for the last week. Of course. On mother's day. But oh, well, we will celebrate another day. Mine started earlier than Joe's so I'm with the kiddos while he's still recovering. He watched them last night while I was at my worst phase. Hopefully we'll all be better soon. This certainly has NOT been fun. I'm exhausted from cleaning up after sick kids and exhausted from being sick myself. I'm puttering around though- getting things reorganized and put back together- and of course doing laundry- because that's the never ending task when people are sick.

Here's to a better tomorrow!!! :)

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