Monday, May 11, 2009

Orange Creamsicle Quilt

Photos by: Jessica Chapman

The Orange Creamsicle Quilt is done and on it's way to Dani in Canada. I was able to finish this in spite of everyone being sick in my house - including myself. I worked on it into the wee hours of the morning a few nights in a row and voila! It was done! I'm amazed at how the loopy crazy quilting was just so much easier than the normal perfect stitch in the ditch that I normally do. I'm very pleased with this one.

And the bottom photo is a little invention of mine- I call it a "Linus Loop". A little loop for dragging the quilt around the house. Because cuddily quilts like this are meant to be dragged around. :)

Side note: If you have been following my blog closely, this originally was going to be a baby quilt for one of Joe's friends who did us a huge favor. However, I was worried about the orange, and then, I had an order from Dani who requested a baby quilt in orange and whites- and thus, the Orange Creamsicle idea came to fruition and had a new home- and I ended up making a pink and red sock monkey quilt top for Joe's friend. That's in the queue to get quilted. Once I FIND the time. If you find any time, send it my way, ok!

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Que Sarah said...

It's gorgeous!!! I absolutely love the Linus Loop - great idea :) I'm totally ignorant when it comes to quilting - do you have a special sewing machine for quilts or just a regular one?