Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Where Have I Been?

Photos by: Jessica Chapman

I don't know where I have been- probably changing diapers, cleaning up macaroni off the floor, grocery shopping, cooking, making bottles, filling up waterguns, taking kids to swim lessons, washing clothes, weeding my garden, oh! that's where I've been! Too busy with the thrilling things in life.

Today was one of those popsicle kind of days.... and we had a lot of fun in the back yard with the water guns.

I still have pictures to share from Fort Lauderdale. I'll get to that soon. I still have orders for etsy to finish. And a quilt for my husband's friend. And a yoga bag that needs a strap. And a LOT of monthly quilt blocks from May and June. It's all piled up on me.

And, I'll get to it.

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