Friday, December 17, 2010

Bon Qui Qui and Some Hair Accessories...

I'm just about to burst with so many things to say because of the simple fact that I've been so busy wrapping up my "end of the year" at school that I haven't had time to blog, and now that I'm back into this blogging thing I'm always thinking of what I would write about if I only had the time.

So here goes this really random post about all of the things I would have blogged about this week had I had the time.... and while I'm talking about nothing, let me just say that I hate what Facebook has done to the surprise of the blog. I once held things in and blogged about them, now I am spilling the beans all over the place and then days later I'm still talking about it "LOOK LOOK"!

First, If you haven't seen the YouTube video with Bon Qui Qui at King Burger you have to see it. Joe and I have loved MadTV for as long as we've known each other, in fact, in our early days that's one of the things that brought us together, well, that and... food. But I digress... Take a moment to watch Bon Qui Qui in action if you haven't already. I love her. Warning: you have to have a "stupid funny/silly" mentality to enjoy this, or, if you don't, I would recommend a margarita first. I don't have to do that, I just feel that way naturally.

Moving on, here are the ever so cute felt flower clips that I made for my sister to hand out to the girls in her class.
She's a first grade teacher in Lake City, Florida. If you met her on the street, you'd know she was a first grade teacher. And I heard she'll give you an M&M for good behavior. Yes, [an M&M] = ONE.

My brother-in-law likes to refer to her as Miss Lippy. (Miss Lippy is the first grade teacher in Billy Madison for all of you who are lost.)

At any rate, back to the bows. I took felt cut outs (use a cricuit or the like) and stacked them on top of each other... hot glue those babies together, use pliers to take the back off of a cute button, stick it in the middle, back with an alligator clip and VOILA! you have a cute felt clip! I LOVE these and so does Ella. I made a bundle to give out to the cafeteria ladies at my school and also for Ella and I. Sometimes I wear them in my hair or clip them on to a headband, and sometimes I'll even wear them clipped on my jacket. Cute.Ness.

And while we are talking about hair things, let me just say I love hair pins. Adore them! ...and I have a slight obsession with them. I'll have to post pictures of my collection one day. I have long naturally curly hair and love to hold it out of my face with a hair pin, and I love unique hair pins.
So, I found these really cute cabochon hair pins on Etsy, and they were like $20 for TWO of them. I knew I could make them myself and then share the wealth, so I did! I love the tiffany blue ones. I'm actually wearing them right now! And I made my sister a pair for her birthday too! Aren't these just the cutest~!
I actually have already shared this photo on Facebook, shame shame shame! But I can't help myself. These cute little cabochons are made from a mold and then glued to a hair pin with a glue pad. That's craft lingo for "don'tjustuseanyoldbobbypin, thesearespecial"!

And while I realize this look isn't for everyone, I love the vintage-funky style and I love things that are unique. So, here they are! I also made a lovely green pair for my friend and colleague Joy who is the Green Team guru at our school. They are beautiful green mums and larger than these. Love them! :) These little hairpins are so fun to make, and you can find many Etsy sellers who sell them. There are SO MANY unique styles and designs. I love two of them on the side in an up-do on a bad hair day.

I am super excited that today was the last day of school for the holidays and I get to hang out with this little man for a few days, just the two of us! Ella will be going to school so I can actually get something done! I need a few days of time at home to let my To Do List boss me around a bit and get my house in Holiday working order. I have most of the gifts purchased but they are in this closet and that closet and here and there and need to be organized and wrapped.

Speaking of wrapping, I have a very cool wrapping theme this year. And I really had to think deeply about it before I did it, because after all, there are four people in our family and two of them are boys.

But, you know me, I like things to be cute and girly, so when the boys decide that THEY want to be in charge of the wrapping, then THEY can pick the wrapping theme. Enough said! So... this will be my wrapping theme!!!!!!!!! A cute black damask with pink ribbon. LOVE IT.

Okay well that's about it for today. I'm singing "Tonight's Gonna Be A Good Night" in my head right now and the smile on my face couldn't be bigger. Today was the last day of school before winter break and my vacation has officially started!

A student asked me why I was so happy today and another student looked over at him and said "Cus she don haveta put up with you [***] for anotha two weeks, bro!"
Talk about going out with a laugh. How can you NOT laugh at that? OMG.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Wonders of His Love

"Joy to the World" is one of our most favorite Christmas Songs. The lyric 'And Wonders of His love' really stood out to us this year as we watched our children grow. Our children are such a beautiful wonder of God's love! And they have such a way of pointing out ALL of the wonders of God's love that we "busy adults" fail to notice sometimes: The smell of the fresh air, the ice on the ground in the mornings, the birds, the stars, the bright blue sky, the moon, the sun, the wind blowing in the trees. This Christmas Season, stop and notice the WONDERS of His love! Merry Christmas, Love, The Chapman Family
This is a work in progress, but this is what I have so far for our Christmas card this year. No special photos, just snapshots from our day to day life. But, really, truly, honestly, THIS is life and THESE are the true wonders of HIS love.

We had the pleasure of going to see Camden in not one, but TWO Christmas programs this season. And since the second one was being televised, we had the chance to see that one twice, so make that THREE Christmas programs. One of the songs that they sang was our Church's up-beat version of 'Joy to the World' which has been stuck in my head ever since. And so many times I've sang the words not knowing what they really mean, but this time AND WONDERS OF HIS LOVE stood out to me. Maybe it's because the music pastor actually pointed to the kids and said "Look at THESE wonders of his love"... I was like... yeah... WOW. And was speechless.

Merry Christmas. We are celebrating with our family this year, and keeping things low-key. Camden and Ella are very excited for Santa, and Joe and I are excited for family time, and time together. To soak up the wonders of His love.